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Shows and Events

At KI, we enjoy the opportunity to speak with you directly and share thoughts on furniture design, specifying environments and what’s happening in the industry. View the list below to see upcoming trade shows in which KI will be participating. To view a list of CEU opportunities, visit our Continuing Education Unit page.

Dec 31 2020
MRL’s Chicago From Your Couch
MRL’s Chicago From Your Couch Virtual

Sit back, relax and enjoy the new virtual library event “Chicago From Your Couch” from My Resource Library. Simply login to your MRL account and access the new library through the left-hand navigation menu. Then, easily browse all of the latest designs from KI and other industry manufacturers.

Running now through end of year

View Chicago From Your Couch library
View KI’s CFYC binder

Dec 31 2020
Parade by Designer Pages & Archinect
Parade by Designer Pages & Archinect Virtual

Parade is a product launch celebration platform to serve as a quick reference for architects & designers to keep track of all of the year’s product launches – a resource to bookmark and reference throughout the year. KI is pleased to participate in this inaugural virtual event.

Running now through end of year

View Parade
View KI on Parade

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