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With dual-color chenille yarns and understated dimension, Carmin’s exceptional material can anchor almost any project.


Classic Impression is a 100% nylon fiber matrix with elasticity, offering a rich, decadent color palette for a lasting impression.


Our re-imagined Frieze adds versatility with a bi-color effect, creating a contemporary palette of modern brights and classic neutrals.


Uniform yet organic. The rectangular elements of Decked Out hint at a Bauhaus-influenced design, yet the geometry is purposely unstructured.


Fracture mimics the fissures and cracks in ice with an overlay of octagonal color. The negative space appears to be a random larger pattern.


Through the process of piecing and overlaying, the stitches suggest organizing visual information through connection and separation.


Inspired by the Bauhaus masters and their approach to weaving. Explore the craft of weaving through color, structure and box motion.


The structured yet organic weave of Gridlock is timeless. Gridlock is aesthetically detailed, subtly reflective and intriguingly tactile.


Hand woven flat-tape yarn creates a unique raffia effect in this luminescent, layered pattern resembling freeform line drawings.


Representing a sea of dandelions gently rising to new heights, Flora inspires a search for health and happiness.
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